Two LSU gymnastics recruits selected to compete in Pan American games for U.S. squad

LSU Gymnastics Recruits

These recruits, hailing from LSU's renowned gymnastics program, showcase their skills on an international stage, bringing pride to their university and country.

Pan American Games

The Pan American Games serve as a platform for elite athletes across the Americas to compete and showcase their talent in various sports, including gymnastics.

Selection Process

The rigorous selection process identifies the top gymnasts in the United States, with only the most exceptional athletes earning a coveted spot on the national team.

Representing  U.S. Squad

These LSU recruits will proudly represent the United States, competing alongside fellow gymnasts from across the nation in the Pan American Games.

Showcasing Skills

At the Pan American Games, these talented athletes will have the opportunity to showcase their skills, demonstrating their strength, agility, and precision on a global stage.

Bringing Glory to LSU

Their participation in the Pan American Games brings glory not only to themselves and their country but also to LSU, highlighting the university's commitment.

Inspirational Journey

The journey of these LSU gymnastics recruits serves as inspiration for aspiring gymnasts, demonstrating the rewards of hard work, determination, and dedication to their sport.


As these LSU recruits prepare to compete in the Pan American Games, they carry with them the support and admiration of their university,

Talent from LSU

The selection of two gymnastics recruits from LSU underscores the program's reputation for producing top-tier athletes with exceptional skills and dedication.