Say Goodbye to Boredom: Let’s Talk Split French Manicures


Tired of the same old manicure? Discover the trendy and chic split French manicure for a modern twist on a classic look.

Split French Manicure

Learn about the unique style of the split French manicure, where the traditional white tip is replaced with a creative split design.

Choosing Colors

Explore different color combinations and nail art ideas to personalize your split French manicure and make it truly unique.

Nail Shape

Consider your nail shape and length when planning your split French manicure to ensure the design complements your hands.

DIY vs. Professional

Decide whether to attempt the split French manicure at home or visit a professional nail salon for expert application and precision.

Tips for DIY Application

Get tips and tricks for achieving a flawless split French manicure at home, including proper tools and techniques.

Nail Care 

Learn how to care for and maintain your split French manicure to keep it looking fresh and beautiful for longer.

Nail Art Inspiration

Find inspiration from celebrity nail trends, social media influencers, and runway looks to create your own stunning split French manicure designs.


Encourage experimentation and creativity with different nail shapes, colors, and split designs to express your individual style.