Nebraska volleyball star Lexi Rodriguez inks historic NIL deal with Panini America

Trailblazing Partnership

Lexi Rodriguez's partnership with Panini America marks one of the first major NIL deals in collegiate volleyball, signaling a new era of opportunities for student-athletes.

Enhanced Visibility

Through this collaboration, Rodriguez will gain increased visibility and exposure on Panini America's trading cards and memorabilia.


This NIL deal empowers Rodriguez to leverage her athletic prowess and personal brand to secure financial opportunities while still pursuing her collegiate career.

Setting Precedent

Rodriguez's groundbreaking agreement sets a precedent for other collegiate athletes, demonstrating the potential for lucrative partnerships beyond traditional.

Women's Sports

By securing a significant NIL deal in women's volleyball, Rodriguez is helping to elevate the profile of women's sports and showcase the marketability of female athletes.

Collectors' Appeal

With Rodriguez's rising star status, her Panini America trading cards and memorabilia are expected to hold significant value among collectors and fans alike.

Pioneering Path

As one of the first volleyball players to secure a major NIL deal, Rodriguez is paving the way for future generations of female athletes to capitalize on their talent and marketability.

Brand Alignment

Panini America's partnership with Rodriguez reflects a strategic alignment with her values, athleticism, and potential to make a lasting impact on the sports collectibles market.

Athletics Evolution

This historic NIL deal highlights the evolving landscape of collegiate athletics, where student-athletes can now capitalize on their personal brands.