Mastiff vs Pitbull: Exploring Breed Differences & Similarities

Mastiffs originate from ancient war dogs, while Pitbulls were bred for bull-baiting and later as family companions.

Origin and History

Mastiffs are larger and heavier, with a muscular build and wrinkled face, while Pitbulls are medium-sized with a sleeker physique.

Size and Appearance

Mastiffs are known for their gentle and protective nature, making them excellent family guardians, whereas Pitbulls are loyal and affectionate


Mastiffs have lower energy levels and require moderate exercise, while Pitbulls are more energetic and need regular physical activity to prevent boredom.

Energy Levels

Both breeds are intelligent and eager to please, but Mastiffs may be more independent-minded, while Pitbulls respond well to positive reinforcement training.


Pitbulls require early socialization to prevent aggression towards other animals, while Mastiffs may be naturally more reserved with strangers.

Socialization Needs

Both breeds are prone to certain health issues, including hip dysplasia and heart conditions, requiring regular veterinary care and monitoring.

Health Considerations

Mastiffs typically have a shorter lifespan of around 7-10 years, while Pitbulls can live for 10-15 years with proper care.


Both breeds can make loving and loyal family pets when properly trained and socialized, but prospective owners should consider.

Suitability as Family Pets