9  Most Valuable American Coins Still In Circulation

Lincoln Copper Penny

A rare error coin, the 1943 Lincoln penny made of copper is highly valuable due to its scarcity.

Double Die Lincoln Penny

This coin features a noticeable doubling effect on the lettering and date, making it highly sought after by collectors.

Small Date Lincoln Penny

The 1970-S Small Date Lincoln penny is rare and valuable, especially in uncirculated condition.

Roosevelt Dime

Minted in error, the 1982 Roosevelt dime without a mint mark is highly valuable to collectors.

Wisconsin State Quarter

The extra leaf variety of the 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter is rare and commands a high value in the collector's market.

Speared Bison Nickel

This error coin features a bison on the reverse with a spear-like object protruding from its back, making it highly collectible.

Proof Silver Eagle

The 2006-P Reverse Proof Silver Eagle is rare and valuable, especially in pristine condition.

Presidential Dollar

The 2007 Presidential dollar missing the motto "In God We Trust" is rare and sought after by collectors.

National Park Quarter

The 2014-D Arches National Park Quarter with a doubled die obverse is highly valuable and sought after by collectors.