10 Outdated Things Boomers Always Keep in Their House and Use

Many Boomers still keep landline phones in their homes, often as a backup or for nostalgic reasons, despite the prevalence of smartphones.

Landline Phones

Boomers may hold onto Rolodexes, filled with contact information, despite the digital age rendering them largely obsolete.


Traditional address books are often found in Boomer households, serving as a physical record of contacts despite digital alternatives.

Address Books

Printed encyclopedias, once a staple of every household for reference, are still kept by some Boomers, though online resources have largely replaced them.


Boomers often retain collections of VHS tapes, containing cherished movies or recordings, even as streaming services dominate the entertainment landscape.

VHS Tapes

CD players are still used by some Boomers to enjoy their extensive collections of CDs, despite the prevalence of digital music streaming.

CD Players

Fax machines, once essential for business communication, are still found in many Boomer households, although email has largely replaced them.

Fax Machines

Traditional wall calendars are often displayed in Boomer homes, despite digital calendar apps being more common for scheduling.

Wall Calendars

While smartphones serve as alarm clocks for many, Boomers often still use traditional bedside alarm clocks for waking up.

Alarm Clocks